Investing in the Neighborhood

One of the most impactful ways Christians can be blessed in a central city neighborhood is by buying, living in and thoughtfully maintaining a home in the community. The biggest check most Christians write each month is their mortgage - why not make this living expense an investment in the community at the same time? 

Milwaukee's Northside has some of the best housing stock in the country. Sherman

Park, in particular is know for Arts and Crafts homes, English Style Tudors, Lannon Stone Cape Cods and Milwaukee Bungalows. There are even nationally historically designated homes at very low prices. 

Inhabit would like to help you in your home-buying process. We can recommend organizations, programs and products in the community that can serve people are different incomes and family sizes locate to the perfect home and block for their needs. Before you call a real estate agent, call us and we can show you around the neighborhood. 

We can even be of assistance for those who are interested in rehabbing a home, Contact Tim for more info.