One year Intensive Ministry Training

Inhabit develops young leaders as they discern their calling in intentional  Christian community.  We believe that future leaders should be prepared not only to engage in right reflection, but also in right action - considering the needs and voice of their community rather than just personal career advancement.  

Inhabit offers a one year intensive program for young leaders who are seriously pursuing a future long term commitment to ministry in the city. They need not be trained in ministry but must demonstrate a significant passion for work in urban contexts and desire for long term engagement in the central city of Milwaukee.

Whether an applicant has extensive theological and ministry background or none at all, Inhabit seeks to articulate a robust theology and equip our leaders with the tools they need to think critically, thrive spiritually and serve their neighborhood in meaningful ways. 

Inhabit leaders are assigned 5 hours of reading and participate in 2 hours of training each week. Additionally, Inhabit leaders are paired with a local ministry/program in the community in order to learn from local leadership and follow their direction. 

Every year Inhabit sends its leaders to the Christian Community Development Conference, conducts quarterly half day trainings and annual leadership retreats as part of our commitment to ongoing training.

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